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Pay Conditions Engine

KeyPay features a state-of-the-art pay conditions engine with an intuitive user interface. Pay conditions will allow you to automate most payroll decision making processes. Features of the pay conditions engine include:

  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Shift duration
  • Time between shifts
  • Split shifts
  • Shift allowances
  • Public holidays
  • And many more

If we don’t currently provide a pre-built rule set for you or if you are on a custom EBA, our pay conditions engine is available for you to build your own rule sets.

For more information about our pay conditions engine, refer to this article

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Pre-configured Modern Awards

KeyPay’s powerful pay conditions engine is used to enable our pre-built award rule sets. Features of our pre-built award rule sets include:

  • pay rate templates covering standard rates, penalty rates and allowances for each age bracket and each classification
  • pay conditions
    • overtime rules
    • allowances
    • public holiday rules
    • time in lieu of overtime
    • shift worker support
  • leave templates
    • including state-based long service leave entitlements
  • automated custom superannuation thresholds
  • automatic pay rate increases
    • automatically move employee to the next age bracket pay-rates on their birthday (for under-21’s)
    • automatically increase apprentice wages each year
    • automatically increase wages based on anniversary – ideal for qualifications anniversaries

A full list of the Awards available is here.  If we don’t currently provide a pre-built rule set for you or if you are on a custom EBA, our pay conditions engine is available for you to build your own rule sets.

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Employee Scheduling

A number of features enable you to quickly and easily manage the rosters for your staff. These features include:

  • Create and publish shifts for employees
  • Print nicely formatted schedules
  • Allow employees to set their availability via the Employee Self Service Portal
  • Allow employees to view their published shifts in the Employee Self Service Portal
  • Generate time sheets for employees from their scheduled shifts
  • Compare time sheets with scheduled shifts before approving them
  • Costed Shifts – interaction with pre-built awards and pay conditions engine

These great features combined with integrated time sheets and pre-built award interpretation mean it’s now possible to manage your employees payroll related activities from scheduling to pay run within a single cloud based application.

For more information about our scheduling feature, please see this article

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ClockMeIn is an iPad app that can be used to clock on / clock off employees when they start/end their shifts. ClockMeIn is designed to be easy for both employees and managers to use and has the following features:

  • Take employee photos and geo-location on clock event
  • Review shift timeline to see real time staff clock activities
  • Use multiple iPads to track clock ins from multiple locations
  • Employees initiate clock events with a 4 digit pin
  • Managers can perform clock events on behalf of employees
  • Managers can quick add new employees to get them up and running quickly

ClockMeIn ties together with all of the KeyPay automation features – Rostering, Clock on/clock off, Timesheets, Award interpretation and of course, payroll. This end-to-end payroll solution is a huge time and money saver.

For more information about ClockMeIn, please see this article