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Comprehensive reporting

KeyPay’s reports and associated report features ensures businesses have all the information they need to report on legislated obligations and make informed decisions on staff wages.

Pay Run Reports

  • Pay Run Audit
  • Pay Run Variance
  • Pay Run Comparison
  • Detailed Activity Report
  • Costing Report

Employee Reports

  • Employee Details
  • Employee Details Audit Report
  • Employee Qualifications
  • Employee Birthdays
  • Emergency Contact Details

Legislated Liabilities Reports

  • Payroll Tax Report
  • PAYG Withholding
  • Super Contributions

Leave Reports

  • Leave Balances
  • Leave Liabilities
  • Leave History

ATO Reports

  • Tax File Declarations
  • Payment Summaries

Time & Attendance Reports

  • Timesheets
  • Kiosk Activity Report