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Automate Payroll!

KeyPay features a state-of-the-art pay conditions engine with an intuitive user interface. Pay conditions will allow you to automate most payroll decision making processes. Here are just some of the employment provisions the pay conditions engine allows you to tailor:

1.Time of day

2.Day of week

3.Automated allowances

4.Minimum break between shifts

5.Split shifts

6.Shiftworker conditions

7.Public holidays


9.Time in lieu accruals

10.Rostered days off

11.Higher classifications

12.Automated meal breaks

13.Location specific conditions

14.Cap hours per day/period

15.Top up hours per day/period

Start your Engines!

Take advantage of combining our rostering and time and attendance features with the pay conditions engine. This will provide you with real-time costings, thereby allowing you to make informed decisions on staffing before notifying  employees of their shifts!

For more information about our pay conditions engine, refer to this article and watch some of our videos.

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David Jereb

David Jereb

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