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It’s not uncommon for payroll administrators to receive multiple enquiries each day from employees checking leave balances or looking for copies of payslips.

KeyPay’s employee mobile app WorkZone empowers employees to manage their own information. The ownership of data is shifted to the employee, and employee requests can be completely eliminated. No need for a laptop to login – the app can be accesses anytime, anywhere from a smartphone.

WorkZone is the DIY for employees, used daily by over 9,000 people. An extension of the Employee Self Service portal, WorkZone is included in KeyPay’s standard and plus plans, and free to download on iOS and Android.

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What can employees do in WorkZone?

What can managers do in WorkZone?

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KeyPay’s Employee Self Service feature saves payroll managers up to 50% of their time

WorkZone is used daily by 9,000 people
46k+ app downloads
See how Stone & Wood has saved 5 hours per week chasing employees