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As a payroll manager, it can be distracting receiving multiple enquiries from employees asking ‘What is my leave balance?’, ‘Can I have a copy of a payslip?’, or ‘I moved house, can you update my details?’

WorkZone is KeyPay’s mobile app that empowers employees to self manage their employment related information. No computer required, no distractions to your payroll team.

Instead, WorkZone is the DIY for employees, used daily by over 9,000 people! WorkZone is an extension of the Employee Self Service portal, included in KeyPay’s standard and plus plans, free to download on iOS and Android.

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What can your employees do in WorkZone?

Did you know?

KeyPay’s Employee Self Service feature saves payroll managers up to 50% of their time

WorkZone is used daily by 9,000 people
+40k app downloads
See how Stone & Wood has saved 5 hours per week chasing employees