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Spicers Retreats

"KeyPay has saved time and has given much more visibility of our costs. It's really intuitive and makes things a lot easier."

Posted on Tuesday, 15th May 2018

Spicers Retreats provide 8 luxury retreats across Queensland and NSW. They provide relaxed, unique and inspiring experiences for guests looking for more than just a room.

Leanne Robertson – Spicers’ Group Accountant – decided to use KeyPay after researching for new payroll platforms in July 2017. Spicers have 250 employees across the 8 retreats and Leanne works with the General Managers at each retreat, discussing their performance and supporting them with their payroll. We had a chat with Leanne about their previous payroll processing and experience with KeyPay so far.

Q: How do you and your team currently use KeyPay?
A: We use it for rostering – we have it set up so there’s a lot of different departments, e.g. a restaurant within a retreat has its own cost centre; the spa has its own cost centre. All the managers do their rostering on KeyPay and we use ClockMeIn to generate timesheets. Our managers approve timesheets and I get that at head office and process our pays fortnightly.

Q: Prior to using KeyPay, how did you used to process payroll?
A: We used to use a combination of 2 payroll programmes plus our accounting package. We had a timesheet and rostering programme as well as one that purely dealt with our payroll data, and we used to put that into our accounting programme – which was quite time consuming.

Q: And how did KeyPay help?
A: With KeyPay we now have rostering, timesheets and payroll all in one, and it has really saved a lot of time for us. This is one of the main reasons we loved KeyPay and decided to go with it. It also imports into Xero with one click which is really quick compared to previously spending hours trying to get old information into our accounting programmes.

Q: What were the other pain points of your old systems?
A: There were often discrepancies between programmes from double handling information. We could ask people to have timesheets ready by ‘X’ time and import them manually, but people would often give timesheets in late or they might have been missed which caused issues.

Our previous system was supposed to calculate the cost of shifts but it wasn’t working out – there were a lot of incorrect figures whereas KeyPay has been so accurate with predicting our roster costs. We would set up certain rules in our previous programme and we’d tick the wrong box and people wouldn’t get paid. That just wouldn’t happen in KeyPay.

Q: What features of KeyPay stood out to you the most?
A: KeyPay has everything we need including award interpretation, which is key for us. There are a lot of nitty gritty rules in the hospitality award that we use; there have even been times where KeyPay has pointed out things that we didn’t even know about. We trust KeyPay completely with interpreting those rules.

An example is when different penalties and overtime apply. When I first started using your platform, I took a pay run that I had previously done in our old system and repeated it in KeyPay. What I found was that there were a few rules we weren’t abiding by that the old system hadn’t flagged. KeyPay does so much for us. We make a joke that KeyPay is ‘head of payroll’!

Q: Did you learn about any other features while using the platform?
A: From a payroll point of view it’s really good at the tasks. Before we had KeyPay, any promotions or terminations were managed in a big spreadsheet and it was very time consuming trying to track changes for 250 people. Now all of us are communicating on the KeyPay platform and HR and I can easily keep track of the changes. It saves time and reduces errors. We might find out someone is getting a pay rise in 2 months and with KeyPay i can type that in and have it alert me in 2 months’ time. It’s really intuitive; it makes everything a lot easier.

Q: Have you been able to track any time or cost savings since using KeyPay?
A: Processing the pay run takes 2 hours with KeyPay where previously it took a full day every fortnight. In terms of everyone keeping track between us and HR and managers managing their teams, a couple of hours a week are saved there too. It also ended up being cheaper because we are using one system instead of paying for several and plugging them into the accounting programme.

Q: How has KeyPay impacted your success?
A: It has saved time and has given much more visibility of our costs being in the one programme. Everyone is on the same system and on the same page. We can really see what’s going on which is important because 50% of our costs go into payroll. It covers everything you need and it’s a big relief to find a programme that helps us out in that way.

Q: Is there anything we could do differently?
A: No! KeyPay is one of the best companies we deal with. Some companies just don’t care about you once they’ve signed you up – you pay the subscription fee and you’re not important to them anymore – but KeyPay’s support team are very attentive. They always respond within 10 minutes and if they can’t solve it they will let us know they’re looking at it until they do.

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