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What people think about KeyPay

Very Special Kids

"The ease and the confidence that we have in KeyPay is 100%. It’s intuitive, easy to use, responsive, and has been so reliable." Read More

99 Bikes

"The best system I’ve ever used. You can just rely on KeyPay and know that your employees are being paid correctly." Read More

Queen Victoria Market

""Managing our staff via KeyPay's rostering system has created efficient workflows, saving us tremendously on processing time and it has significantly improved staff management"" Read More

Payroll HQ

"As a vendor, I am always looking for efficiency. KeyPay comes to the party in giving great mobility for my staff, clients and client employees." Read More

Regional Business Services Pty Ltd

"KeyPay has revolutionised the way we process payroll and manage our employees from a payroll perspective not only in our own business, but also for our clients for the better. " Read More

KPA Concrete Construction Group

"KeyPay has revolutionised our payroll processing. The ability for staff to complete timesheets which integrate directly with the pay run is a fantastic feature. " Read More