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Honest to Goodness

"One of the best payroll and rostering systems I’ve seen. I wish I had KeyPay in my last organisation - it would’ve been a lot easier!"

Posted on Monday, 19th November 2018


Honest to Goodness is a Sydney-based online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of organic food and natural products. Honest to Goodness has been in business since 2002, with around 60 employees working across their office, warehouse, store and market stall in Sydney. The team were looking for a payroll system that also managed rostering and award interpretation, and began using KeyPay in 2016.


Prior to using KeyPay, the team was using MYOB to do payroll and had a manual timesheet entry system on a fortnight to fortnight basis. Timesheet and leave management was paper-based and required a lot of manual work, increasing the risk of errors and inconsistencies with double handling data and award rate calculations.

Managing data was difficult due to the manual system. Annette told us of the pains of finding and tracking historical information from before they began to use KeyPay: “If you’re trying to find out who has taken unpaid leave in the past, or to find a starting balance, it’s difficult to find because everything was paper-based before KeyPay.”

With a mix of salaried full-time, part-time and casual employees; and award staff under 2 different awards, Honest to Goodness were in need of a system to streamline data management.

How KeyPay helped

Streamlined time and attendance

Shifting from their previous paper timesheet system, Honest to Goodness now use Clock Me In at their facilities where staff clock on and off using an iPad, and staff working at the market use KeyPay’s mobile app WorkZone. “The team love it – it’s very easy to use” said Annette. KeyPay’s time and attendance features remove any need for chasing staff for timesheets, manual entry of timesheet data or copying and pasting between systems.

Eliminating paperwork

Honest to Goodness have gone from a very manual, paper-based system, to no paperwork at all. “KeyPay has alleviated the necessity to keep any paperwork because all data is now scanned into the system. 7 years down the track, we won’t have the same issue we had with historical data from before KeyPay – because it’s all online.”

KeyPay has also eliminated the need to send out paper forms for onboarding or document acknowledgement. “We don’t have to send any forms and wait weeks to get the information back. It’s really fantastic because you can send notifications out to employees to have them acknowledge documents in the portal and you don’t have to keep track of it manually.” said Annette.

Rostering and award interpretation

KeyPay’s automated award interpretation eliminates the need for any manual calculations for roster or wage costing. Awards are automatically updated so the team never need to worry about Fair Work compliance. “KeyPay is very thorough with awards and updates – you get an email to say the award has been updated and then you can just update it instantly in the platform”.

Rostering has also helped to create visibility of costs, allowing managers to see how much they’re spending on the business in real time. “KeyPay definitely reduces my workload. Not often do you get a good rostering system as well as payroll combined” said Annette, who likes the ease of the rostering system. “You can copy week to week, and break down rosters by department, individual or whole business.”


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