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Alltech Outsourced Solutions

"What KeyPay has given us is a stronger relationship with our clients; I firmly believe that."

Posted on Monday, 21st October 2019

Alltech is an Australia based outsourced payroll company that focuses on providing a personalised payroll service to businesses with varying payroll needs, ranging from 1 employee to hundreds. With 4 employees, Alltech focuses on time-saving efficiencies to service their diverse and growing client base. 

Time for change

“About 2 years ago we were finding that potential clients we were quoting were after a particular service that Alltech couldn’t provide with Attache” says Stephen Scullion, Alltech Payroll Director. “We were saying, we can process your payroll, but you’ll need this system for time and attendance, another one for this and that. Then we started discussions with KeyPay because we could see it was an all in one system that covered time and attendance, award interpretation, and employee portal. It meant we wouldn’t have to use multiple tools to perform payroll. It was a big decision we had to make, changing payroll for 120-130 businesses. That was the initial challenge.” 

The transition to KeyPay

“We started the transition with consultation with KeyPay on best practises to do it all. To us, it was like onboarding a new client: a bit of trial and error, doing parallel pay runs and checking it was correct. Some clients really liked the idea, others don’t like change which was harder to manage. With client education, KeyPay’s assistance and using the KeyPay support/help articles meant we could move forward as a business and broaden our service offering, giving clients a better solution in the long term.”

Helping business grow

“KeyPay is a more efficient system than I initially anticipated. Once you show clients how to do something in KeyPay which might be different from the format they’re used to, they can see how easy it is, and they’re onboard and stay with us. What KeyPay has given us is a stronger relationship with our clients; I firmly believe that. The communication we receive on updates and enhancements through emails or Facebook opens up opportunities to help our clients and ourselves compared to what we used to hear from Attache. What we get from KeyPay is about how KeyPay can assist us in our business growth and success. It’s a welcome change and holds true.”

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