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Our users constantly rave about the benefits and simplicity of using Clock Me In. We love hearing this but at the same time also want to ensure we are constantly improving it’s features to ultimately streamline all processes involved in capturing time records.

We are proud to announce that Clock Me In has recently undergone a significant amount of enhancements that will benefit all involved – employees, managers and payroll!

New features explained….

When Clock Me In meets Rostering

It was only a matter of time when two of our most significant time & attendance features were going to unite. That time has now come!

We know it can be a time-consuming exercise having to correct timesheet entries in situations where, for example, an employee clocked on earlier than their rostered start time but didn’t actually start work till they were required to. Well, you can now farewell this tedious task! Once you configure your kiosk settings (shown below) to determine the required timeframes, employees clocking on and off within those timeframes will then have the option of choosing their start and/or end time to default to the rostered start and/or end time.

So, using the example setting above, an employee is rostered to commence work at 11.30am. The employee clocks on at their location at 11.22am but doesn’t actually commence work till 11.30am. As this falls within the 40 minute threshold, the employee will choose the timesheet start time to be recorded as 11.30am.

Similarly, the employee’s rostered end time is scheduled for 7pm. At 7.11pm the employee clocks off. As this falls within the 30 minute threshold, the employee is given the option to record the timesheet end time as 7pm.


Additionally, within the Timesheet Rounding settings screen, you can configure your timesheet rounding settings and determine within what timeframes timesheets created through the kiosk will default to the rostered start and end times. The settings provided here will not require the employee to select yes or no to match to the roster times when clocking on and off. Rather, it will automatically default to the rostered start and/or end time once the timesheet is created.

Auto rounding timesheets to match rostered shifts significantly reduces the amount of time managers are now having to spend on the timesheet approval process.

Viewing & Entering Shift Notes 

It makes sense to utilise Clock Me In as a communication tool between employees and their managers, right? Particularly when required to provide instructions, feedback and/or any general information pertaining to a specific shift.  Imagine then also affording managers the ability to enter notes against an employee’s shift that can be hidden from that employee? Well then, say hello to enhancement #2!

The purpose of shift notes is to provide a two way recorded communication channel between the employee and the shift manager(s). Employees are first able to view any shift notes when they clock on to commence their shift – this is particularly useful in circumstances where an employee needs to be aware of something specific they need to do or know for that shift:

An employee can view notes at any time during their shift and can add notes to the shift record whilst undertaking the following activities:


A manager (i.e. Clock Me In admin user) can also view notes at any time during the employee’s shift but also has the ability to enter notes at any time during the shift.


You can choose whether you want visible notes entered through Clock Me In to appear in the pay run and thereby on the employees’ pay slips via the Timesheets Settings screen:

Additionally, payroll admin users can view shift notes via the following methods:

Enhanced Admin Functionality

We have had our users express frustration in scenarios where employees would forget to clock on and/or off for their shifts, thereby resulting in extra time needed by managers in creating timesheets manually. Furthermore, there was also the risk of missing an employee’s timesheet which obviously caused a world of hurt when the employee wasn’t paid.

We have taken this feedback on board and, as such, enhanced the level of functionality for a Clock Me In admin user. When in admin mode, users have always been able to view any exceptions. However, we now allow admin users to:

This new functionality significantly streamlines how managers deal with timesheet exceptions at real time. That is, managers will no longer have to keep a record or track employee movements and then make the necessary corrections at a later stage. Rather, timesheets can be corrected/created as soon as the issue has been identified, and all through the Clock Me In app.

Clock Me In is currently available to all KeyPay Plus users. If you’re not already taking advantage of Clock Me In, make sure to download the app here.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments or via

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