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With more and more businesses using our timesheets functionality, we have realised the need of providing greater flexibility to users regarding the permissions available to them.

Below is a list of changes we have made that will enable a more flexible approach to using timesheets:

Manager Permissions

Previously, if an employee was set up to ‘Do not use timesheets’ within their Pay Run Defaults page, we would not allow timesheets to be created or imported into the system for that employee. This was causing issues for businesses who were attempting to import timesheets using an external source for employees whose timesheet status was either initially set up incorrectly or was not updated accordingly.

To combat this, we have created a new setting within Timesheets (located under the Business Management menu in Payroll Settings) that, once enabled, will allow businesses to import timesheets for all employees, even for those whose timesheet setting is set to ‘Do not use timesheets’.

Additionally, if you are creating timesheets within the system, enabling this new setting will allow you to view all employees in the drop down menu. If you choose an employee with a ‘Do not use timesheets’ setting, the message below will appear. If you are a full access user, you will be able to click on the employee’s name and change the employee’s timesheet setting. If you are not a full access user, you will need your payroll administrator to change the employee’s setting.

Employee Permissions

Previously, as part of the employee portal settings, employees could be granted the permission to enter their own timesheets and/or edit timesheets created via the kiosk.

To create a more complete set of permissions for timesheets in the employee portal, we have expanded on these permissions so that you can allow your employees to either:

To set up or change the current settings, go to Employee Portal Settings (located under the Business Management menu in Payroll Settings).

The above enhanced permissions serve to make our timesheet functionality even more robust and definitely more practical to use!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback on this feature please leave a comment or send a request to

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