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Over the last few months we’ve been updating the employee portal with a more modern look and feel. We’ll be launching the new look employee portal on Wednesday, May 24th and as such, we’re giving our customers and partners advance notice to make any necessary preparations.

Why are we changing the employee portal?

The employee portal is one of our most used features with thousands of employees logging on every month to check pay slips, record timesheets and request leave. With so many users, we want to ensure we’re giving these clients the best user experience possible and these changes aim to address a number of performance, layout and usability issues with the old format. In addition, the new format allows for an improved overall layout which makes it easier for employees to use.

What’s changing in the employee portal?

There are a number of key changes that will be made in the new employee portal, however it’s important to note that all existing functionality will remain. Some functions may have changed slightly or appear differently, but employees will still be able to do all the things they were previously able to. The key changes to the employee portal are:

Overall, the goal has been to improve the usability and design on the layout without changing the functionality

Who will get the new employee portal?

When the new employee portal rolls out on May 24th,  it will be immediately available to all employees. It will not be possible to revert to the old design so it’s important that you communicate these changes to your clients and employees before May 24th.

What does the new employee portal look like?

There are a few screen shots below of what the new employee portal will look like



Employee portal dashboard


Timesheet editor


Expense claims


Leave requests


As always, we’d love to hear your feedback or questions in the comments or via

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