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One of the most popular enhancements we’ve recently released has been the ability to add expense claims via the employee portal. Since expense claims launched, we got a lot of great feedback and we’re happy to announce that our latest release addresses the two most common feedback items relating to expense claims:


Submitting multiple line items in a single expense claim

If you travel for work or like to submit monthly expense reports, it’s handy to be able to submit a single expense claim with multiple line items. This means that only a single expense claim needs to be submitted and approved so you and your manager can simplify your expense claim process. You can also attach multiple documents to a single expense claim so you can keep all your receipts together in a single claim


When reviewing the expense claim, managers can see the description and total claim amount. They can then view the expense to review the details and make any adjustments if necessary


Tax Codes on expense claims

In addition to being able to submit multiple line items and attachments for expense claims, you can also assign tax codes to expense categories to cater for sales taxes that may be applied to expense claims.

You’ll notice that when you setup an expense category that’s attached to a cloud accounting system such as QuickBooks, Xero or Saasu, you’ll be able to select the tax code from your accounting system to be pre-populated when your employees submit an expense claim.



This tax code (and the associated tax rate) will then be populated on the expense claim and submitted with your journal to your accounting system.

If you’re using a file based export for your journal, you’ll be able to manually type in the account code and tax rate to be included with your journal export.

Once the expense comes through the to pay run, you’ll be able to review the tax code and tax rate and adjust if necessary


Finally, once the pay run journal is posted to the accounting system, the tax code and tax amounts will be included in the journal.



What about WorkZone?

I’m glad you asked! We’ve just submitted the latest version of WorkZone for iOS to the app store which will have full support for all the above features so we expect this will be released any day now. WorkZone for Android is currently under development and should only be a few weeks away from being released with the expense claims. We’ll be sure to post updates when they’re ready.


This has been a big upgrade for expense claims and we’re excited to make it available to all users on all KeyPay plans. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments or via

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