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There is never any rest for rostering. We have been busy coding away further rostering enhancements as requested by our valued users. A summary of these enhancements are as follows:

1. New Roster Printout

A sample of the new look roster printout is as follows:

Day View (by start time)

Week View (by employee)

2. Export Roster to Excel

Users now have the option to export the roster to excel by clicking on this icon

The roster can be exported for any custom date range and includes the following information:

A sample of the roster excel export is as follows:

3. Hide Unavailability & Leave from Roster View

Navigating and creating a roster that contains numerous unavailabilities or leave entries can be difficult. As such, we now provide users the ability to hide unavailabilities and/or leave when viewing the roster.

Both settings are located on the left filter panel of the roster screen and can be switched on or off at any time.


The above enhancements will be released on 12 October and will be available to subscribers on the Plus plan. If you haven’t already, make sure to upgrade your plan and take advantage of our comprehensive rostering features.

If you have any feedback, you can leave us a comment below or drop us a line via

  • Elena Williams

    We want a simple grid, single page roster to put up on the wall. Nothing here provides us with this option. Week view runs on to 4 pages, whereas it used to be 1 page. We don’t have the space to put up 4 pages on the wall.

    Moreover dumping straight to PDF means we can’t reformat it to 1 page. Using async js framework means we can’t copy/paste in to spreadsheet/doc to reformat ourselves.

    A grid csv/xlsx? Copy and paste HTML? THE OLD SYSTEM. Just anything. This sucks, we hate it. Please give us back some control.

    We find these new changes unusable for us. Too much, too hard with no options. This is very very annoying.

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