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Want to quickly see who’s working today? Need to know who’s rostered to work on Friday? Need to check you’ve got enough bar staff to cover the evening shift?

Then you’re going to love the roster summary review in KeyPay.

The roster summary view allows you to see a quick snapshot of who has been rostered on to work, where they’re working and, by switching between day and week view, you can see exactly when they’re working.


Week View


When viewing in week or fortnight view, you can quickly see all shifts across the entire business or for a given location for the entire week. Using this view, you can see your shift coverage for the week, when employees are due to start and any scheduling issues.

Day View

If you want to get a clearer picture of your roster for a given day, you can drill down into day view and see exactly what’s happening for any given location



When viewing the summary view in either week or day mode, you can also sort the shifts by role or start time


Being able to view the roster in detail or summary view while being able to sort by role, start time or employee gives you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to managing your staff.

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