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When it comes to shift acknowledgement, we previously only had the option of allowing employees to decline shifts. We have now added more options so that employees can be given the choice of:

(a) accepting shifts they can work
(b) accepting shifts they can work and declining shifts they can’t work

This provides greater flexibility of choice to suit each business requirement and, as such, also provides assurance to managers that staff are fully aware and have given implicit consent to what shifts they will work.

So how do these new options work?

Option A: Employees must accept shifts that have been assigned to them

To activate this, go to Rostering settings and tick the appropriate option, as follows:

This option allows you to specify a cut off time when shifts must be actioned. Using the example above, if an employee has not accepted the shift within 12 hours of it occuring, the shift will no longer be assigned to the employee and will become an ‘Unassigned Shift’. The employee will then receive a notification advising them they are no longer assigned to that shift.

You can also set the time when an employee should receive a notification as a reminder to action their pending shift.

Option B: Employees must accept shifts or can decline shifts that have been assigned to them

To activate this, go to Rostering settings and tick the appropriate option, as follows:

As per Option A, you can set a shift action cut off time and a time where employees should receive a reminder notification for shifts that are yet to be actioned.

This option also allows you to set a default action for pending shifts not actioned by employees within the cut off time – that is, you can choose for shifts to be automatically deemed accepted or declined.

Any shifts declined by employees or automatically declined (as the default shift action) will become an ‘Unassigned Shift’ in the roster.

Interaction with Employee Portal & WorkZone

Employees will now be able to accept and/or decline shifts directly through their employee portal and WorkZone.

Employee Portal


Action multiple shifts at once:                            Action an individual shift:









Home Screen:                                         Action an individual shift:


Action multiple shifts at once:












Employee Notifications

In order for employees to receive notifications, it is essential their notification type is set up. This can be done via the employee’s Pay Run Defaults screen, as follows:

Also, if you want staff receiving sms notifications, don’t forget to switch on sms notifications in your business settings so that this option can be activated.

In addition to the employee portal and WorkZone, staff who receive email and/or sms notifications, are able to action their shift acknowledgement through the link contained within the notification:

Manager Notifications

Through My Notifications, you already have the option of being notified when an employee has declined a shift. We have now added another notification option relating to pending shifts, as per below:

This allows managers to stay up to date with the status of the roster and to easily actions shifts that need re-assigning.


The full suite of shift acknowledgement will be released on 15 August and will be available to KeyPay users subscribed to the Plus plan. If you haven’t already, make sure to upgrade your plan and take advantage of our comprehensive rostering features.

If you have any feedback, you can leave us a comment below or drop us a line via

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