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Remember when we launched Report Packs? It was an amazing time to be alive! We have now taken it a step further by allowing you to configure the email that a recipient of a report pack receives. This adds a personal touch and gives you the opportunity to add any additional information or comments specific to each report pack.

So what can be configured?

  1. The ‘From’ email address displayed to the recipient (that is, the sender’s email address). Previously, the default sender email address was the email address specified in the ‘Contact Email Address’ field within Business Settings; and
  2. The content contained within the email. Previously, we included our own ‘templatised’ content that may or may not have worked for some businesses.

We’ve also thrown in an added benefit! You can configure these settings at a business level AND on a per report pack level.

To configure at a business level, simply click on the “Configuration” button that is located on the top right hand side of the Report Packs screen:

This will then form the default for all report packs set up. If there are certain report packs that you want to tailor and so need to configure at a report pack level, click on the name of the report pack to expand its settings and then click on “Edit” within the Custom Message section (located at the end of that report pack’s settings):

This will then expand to show you more settings that you can complete to your heart’s content:

Click here to refresh your memory on the advantages of using report packs. Additionally, this article will provide detailed instructions on configuring the report pack email settings.

Lastly, if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below or via

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