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It’s makeover time again! Since the successful upgrade of the employee portal, we have focused on updating the look and feel of our whole payroll platform.

Why are we updating the payroll platform?

Everyone wants to update their look now and then right? KeyPay’s payroll platform is accessed by thousands of users every day. Since the number of users and the multitude of pages accessed increases every second (from leave and expense management to rostering, timesheets, reporting and pay runs), we wanted to ensure our clients have the best user experience possible… Across the whole platform.

Are there any changes to the payroll platform functionality?

Outside of the new look and feel, there are no changes to functionality. The main appearance changes to the payroll platform include:

New navigation bar 1:

New navigation

New navigation bar 2:

payroll platform

Approve Timesheets:

Overall, our goal with this design update has been to improve the usability and design of the payroll platform without changing the functionality.

Our new look launches 11 September 2017.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback or questions via comments or

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