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What are manager notifications?  Manager notifications are a quick and easy way to be notified and reminded of timesheets, leave and expenses waiting for your approval

Why do I want to use manager notifications? To avoid conversations like this:

Employee: “My laptop charger died, I need a new one… it’s probably easiest if I run down to office works and get one”
Manager: “No problem, just keep the receipt and submit an expense claim”
Employee: “No probs, will do”


2 weeks later:

Employee: “Hey, I put in my claim for that charger and it wasn’t in my last pay, I asked payroll and they said it wasn’t approved so I was just checking there wasn’t anything wrong with the claim?”
Manager: “Ummm… sorry, what charger?”
Employee “The one we spoke about a couple of weeks ago, I put in the expense claim like you said”
Manager: “Oh yeah right, sorry, I’ll approve it now”

Awkward right?

There’s nothing worse than having an employee chase you up for an unapproved leave request or a missing expense claim. If you’re a manager, you can use notifications to ensure you’re on top of all the expenses, timesheets and leave requests you’re responsible for.

What can I get notified about?
You can get 2 types of notifications – immediate notifications when an action happens so you can keep your finger on the pulse, and reminder notifications for those times when you need a little nudge in the right direction.

You can setup immediate notifications for:

You can also setup reminder notifications on a daily or weekly basis for:

How do I setup my notifications? Easy! This support article will walk you through setting up your notifications. Once you’re all setup, KeyPay will send you an email notification for any of the actions you specify.

With manager notifications you’ll be able to quickly action anything waiting your approval so employees will be able to take leave, claim expenses and get paid for timesheets on time, every time – the way it should be.

As always, we’d love to hear and feedback or questions you have on notifications in the comments or via

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