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Posted on June 4, 2018

It is often a reality that Managers are responsible for recruiting new employees and thereafter the daily management of those employees. Delegating such duties to Managers makes sense, however it is only fair that Managers are provided the required tools to effectively and efficiently perform such a role. Our latest set of manager permissions empowers businesses to easily delegate these duties with peace of mind.

The new permission options we have added for Managers (ie restricted users) are as follows:

  1. View and/or Manage Employee Documents;
  2. View and/or Manage Qualifications; and
  3. Initiate Employee Self Setup.

The above functionality was previously only available to full access users. We strongly believe that extending these permissions to restricted users is a significant benefit to businesses.  These new Manager permissions can be configured on a per user basis via Payroll Settings > Manage Users.

Employee Documents

Managers now have the ability to share location specific and/or employee specific documents to relevant employees. Managers can also enforce that employees acknowledge any documents shared.

We have added a new notification setting in My Notifications, being “Email me when an employee that I supervise acknowledges a document”. Selecting this option will trigger a notification email to a Manager when their employee has acknowledged a document. Additionally, Managers can, at any time, view an employee’s Documents screen to get an overall view of any documents pending acknowledgement. An example of this is as follows:

Employee Qualifications

A common responsibility of managing staff is ensuring they have the required qualifications to actually undertake the role. This is an extremely crucial task where a business can face legal repercussions for not meeting compliance requirements.

Managers now have the ability to view, add and update qualifications for employees they manage. This can be done on an individual basis or via importing/exporting in bulk.

Manage Qualifications screen:

Employee Qualifications screen:

Initiate Employee Self Setup

If Managers are involved in the hiring process of new employees, it only makes sense they should be given the ability to quickly add new hires to the payroll system. Affording Managers the ability of adding a new employee via employe self setup avoids the need for unnecessary paperwork and emails between Managers and payroll.

Managers can easily trigger the employee self setup process by clicking on “Start Employee Self Setup” from their dashboard:

A new notification setting has been added for full access users in My Notifications, being “Email me when a Manager initiates the Employee Self Setup process”. Selecting this option keeps full access users informed of new employees added and by whom. Payroll can then commence the process of setting up the employee’s pay details.

The addition of these 3 new permissions to our already robust suite of permission settings allows full access users the ability to start delegating more and more tasks to Managers.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback or questions via comments or

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