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The pay run listing on the dashboard has, up until now, been rather rudimentary, simply showing a list of the 5 most recent pay runs (with a link off to another page to ‘view all’).

We’ve made some great updates to this pay run listing now so that it is much more functional. Let’s take a look at the following screenshot:




Let’s walk through the numbered features:

  1. Pay runs can be filtered by ‘Finalised’ / ‘Not finalised’ / ‘All’
  2. Pay runs can be filtered by pay schedule.
  3. If a pay run is not finalised or not published, we will show an indicator here.
  4. W = weekly, F = fortnightly, M = monthly. Handy for businesses that have many pay schedules.
  5. An icon will be shown to indicate that the journals have been exported to the linked accounting system.
  6. Page through the list of pay runs
  7. Adjust the page size to your preferred number of pay runs


These updates should make the pay run view much more functional, saving our users precious time in locating/accessing their pay runs.

If you have any suggestions/feedback, please contact us at

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