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We do things differently at KeyPay. We believe that work is just one part of life, and our mission is to challenge the norm and offer a delightful experience both to our own employees and to our customers. We use the latest technology to get stuff done. With employees across Australia and Europe, we work together over slack and in our offices in NSW – whatever helps us work most efficiently.

It’s easy to teach people the skills needed to do a specific role, but it’s harder to teach them a good attitude – and that’s what we think about when we are hiring. We encourage our employees to take a conventional role and make it their own, which is why we’ve got such a great team with a diverse range of skills and personalities – that work well together.

Our customers who interact with us every day might know some of us by name, but sometimes technology doesn’t allow us to put a ‘face to the email’. We’re going to help you get to know us better by digging deeper into the lives of our employees. First up, we’re chatting to one of our Senior Developers, Brett Baldwin, who works on the Manager level functionality in the application.

As one of the original members of the KeyPay team, not only does Brett know a lot about KeyPay, he has helped build the foundations of our culture, brings a lot of fun and banter to our days (and holds the title for the most emoji-fied employee on Slack).

Do you have a nickname? My nickname is Boycs. It’s an old cricketing nickname that stuck – even my parents call me Boycs…

How would the team describe you? Ruggedly handsome, windswept and interesting. And rarely serious.

What would a regular day look like for you? There really isn’t a typical day at KeyPay. Like most of the team I primarily work from home, though I’ll occasionally head into either the Wollongong or Sydney office, or go cafe coding for a few hours to break things up.

By and large, though, I normally like to make an early start and jump straight in and take a look at my areas of the support queue to see if there’s anything that needs attention. After that I’d typically continue on with whatever project work I have on at the time. Being a predominantly remote company we rely heavily on Slack as our primary source of communication, so the Slack app is always open on one of my monitors.

What makes your day at work? “Helping” the marketing team (and when I say helping, I mean suggesting terrible puns and inappropriate social media posts). I’ve been rewarded with the honorary title of ‘Junior Vice President of Marketing APAC’ because of all the ‘work’ I do for them. On a serious note, though, I love the fact that we have such an agile team and if someone has an idea for something that isn’t usually in their every day role, they can suggest it. The marketing team will often share their work on Slack and the guys from the Support team are always providing suggestions on improvements to our application and tooling. With such a diverse group, everyone is attacking any problems that arise from different angles. We’re always thinking differently, and we may try a few different solutions before we settle on the best fit.

Tell us about an exciting thing you’ve achieved or experienced during your time at KeyPay. One of the co-founders Phil started writing KeyPay in my Mazda / on the train back from work in 2012 when we both contracted as developers in Sydney. Fast forward a meagre 6 years and KeyPay is now one of the most popular payroll providers in Australia, has launched in the UK with plans to venture further afield next year. To be a part of that journey and see the growth and success is pretty mind blowing.

What’s your favourite thing about KeyPay? KeyPay is the best place I’ve ever worked. One of the core principles here is “people over profit” and that drives the culture – it’s fun to log on every morning. I know we are not solving world hunger or curing cancer, but we are driving change in the payroll industry and making people’s lives at work better. And we’re having a lot of fun with it too.

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