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When you manage payroll, it can be tricky to keep track of all the things that need to happen on pay day to ensure your staff are paid accurately and on time. Ad hoc requests for pay changes, bonuses, leave and birthdays can come in at any time and when they’re added on top of your normal payroll processes, it can be easy to lose track of key payroll tasks. To help, we’ve added two great new features that will keep you one step ahead on pay day.


Calendar Feeds

The first feature we’ve launched to help keep you organised on pay day is calendar feeds. Calendar feeds allow you to sync key payroll dates with your calendar so you never miss an important event again. Today, we’ve launched the following calendar feeds:

Setting up a calendar feed is simple and once setup, you can share them with anyone.


You can even use the birthday and approved leave calendar feeds with employee groups to allow finer control over the events that show in a calendar feed.
Here are some examples of when you might like to use a calendar feed:

Once the feed has been added to your calendar, they’ll show up just like a regular event



You can find more about setting up and configuring calendar feeds  on our knowledge base


Pay run tasks

The second feature we’re releasing today to help keep you on track on pay day is pay run tasks. As a payroll manager, you get requests coming in all the time from staff that can potentially affect your pay runs. Ad hoc requests to add a child support payment or adjust a salary sacrifice super amount or to change an employee bank account. Sometimes these things can be done in advance, but sometimes you need to adjust them in a pay run.

On top of this, you have the normal things you have to do like check the bank account for funds, review timesheets to ensure they’re all approved, check for employees taking more leave than they should and more. These are standard operating steps that can easily be forgotten or missed on each pay run.

Pay run tasks makes it easy to track all your payrun processing steps by allowing you to setup recurring and one off pay run tasks that can be applied to the entire pay run or specific employees.

From within the task management screen, you can quickly add new tasks as well as review upcoming tasks for a given pay run


Then when you go to process a pay run, the task list will be present and you’ll be able to view which tasks need to be completed


You can also quickly see which employees have a task assigned as they’ll have the “tasks” indicator next to their name in the pay run



Finally, you can review the tasks that were complete in the pay run audit report.




We hope these features greatly improve the way you’re able to manage your payroll. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments or via

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