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On the back of releasing clocking in and out via WorkZone, we’re pleased to announce that phase 2 of this feature is complete! When clocking in & out, employees can now view and enter notes against their shift. Additionally, clocking activities can be matched to rostered shifts. These enhancements are already available in Clock Me In and so provide businesses using both Clock Me In and WorkZone the added advantage of mirrored functionality.

To activate these features, go to Payroll Settings > Employee Portal Settings > “Employees can clock in/out using WorkZone”:

From here you can configure when employees are given the option of clocking in or out using their rostered start and/or end time.

Applying rostered times when clocking in or out

There are inevitably times when an employee will clock in earlier than their rostered start time but not actually start work till required. Same goes for when an employee clocks out after their rostered end time but only does so because they spent 5 minutes saying goodbye to their work colleagues.

So using the example setting above, an employee clocks in at 9.53pm but isn’t scheduled to commence work till 10pm. As this falls within the 20 minute threshold, the employee can choose whether to use their rostered start time as their clock in time.


Another employee is scheduled to finish work at 10.10pm but clocks out at 10.13pm. As this falls within the 20 minute threshold, the employee can choose whether to use their rostered end time as their clock out time.

This enhancement removes the time consuming process of correcting the start and end times in timesheets prior to approval. No doubt there will be situations where, for example, an employee has genuinely clocked in earlier at the request of their manager. It is because of these scenarios that we do not default to the rostered times. Rather, employees are given the choice to select the appropriate option based on their situation.

Viewing & Entering Shift Notes

The purpose of notes is to provide a communication tool between the employee and the manager. Instructions, feedback and other general information pertaining to a shift can all be recorded and viewed in one area.

Employees are first able to view any shift notes when they clock in. This is particularly useful when an employee needs to be aware of something specific for that shift:

Employees can enter notes at any stage of a clocking activity. This includes clocking in to start work, clocking in or out for lunch and clocking out to end work.

The note will be recorded against their timesheet and can be viewed by their manager and admin user. Employees can also view all notes pertaining to a shift by tapping the “Notes” tab:

Clock Out Reminders

Sometimes employees need a friendly nudge to get stuff done. Clocking out is a prime example. To assist your employees, you can now set up reminder push notifications. The notification is triggered when an employee does not clock out ‘x’ minutes after their rostered end time.

‘X’ equals the number of minutes configured via Payroll Settings > Employee Portal Settings > “Employees can clock in/out using WorkZone”:

An example of the notification employees will receive on their phone is as follows:

It goes without saying that employees must have push notifications enabled for this to work!


If you haven’t already, make sure your employees download WorkZone immediately by clicking here:

Employees already using WorkZone will need to update to the latest version to access these new features. N.B. This is not required if the employee has enabled automatic updates.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Submit a comment or send us an email at

Managers can use Live View to clock out their staff