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Introducing shift conditions

Introducing shift conditions

Posted 2 years ago | By Garth Belic

Today, we released what may seem like a subtle feature to KeyPay, but one which will have a marked effect on how we approach interpreting shifts. Introducing shift conditions. Shift conditions can be used alongside a work type to identify any special characteristics of a… Read More

Rostering has been relaunched!

Rostering has been relaunched!

10 minute read | By Phil Bernie

Way back in 2014 we launched our first version of rostering. It probably would have been more accurate to call it a “beta” as the original version was designed to gauge feedback on a payroll product that had integrated rostering, timesheets and awards. The overwhelming… Read More

Enhanced Shift Costing now available

Enhanced Shift Costing now available

6 minute read | By Paul Duran

KeyPay’s state of the art pay condition rules engine has been available for some time now. Our rules engine has allowed us to compile a large list of pre-built modern awards.  In a lot of cases though, wages are not the only factor when determining… Read More

Rostering is the new scheduling

Posted 3 years ago | By Phil Bernie

Naming things in software can be hard. Sometimes finding a name for a feature that resonates with your clients, while clearly describing the function comes easily, but that wasn’t the case for us when we originally released our “scheduling” feature. On the surface it seemed… Read More

Set cut-off for unavailability entry in KeyPay

Posted 4 years ago | By Phil Bernie

In addition to our new time based unavailability update, we’ve also released the ability to set a cut-off for unavailability entry. This means that you can now have the ability to specify how many days before an unavailability falls due it needs to be entered… Read More

Employees can now set unavailability for specific times

2 minute read | By Phil Bernie

With the original release of rostering in KeyPay came the ability for employees to set their unavailability in the employee portal. Since that release, one of the most requested features we’ve had was to be able to set unavailability for specific times during the day…. Read More