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Updates to Tax Tables for October 1, 2016

posted 7 months ago by Phil Bernie

The ATO recently announced that due to legislative changes, new tax rates will apply for the FY 2016/17 as of October 1. We’ve had a number of enquiries asking if KeyPay will support these new tax tables and if they’ll be available for October 1…. Read More

Clock Me In v2.2 Now Available

posted 8 months ago by Phil Bernie

Clock Me In has been available for nearly a year from the app store and in that time has been a great success, allowing businesses to capture shift data in real time. Today we release our latest update, which adds some great new features to… Read More

Adding expenses via the employee portal

posted 9 months ago by Phil Bernie

Thousands of expense claims are processed through KeyPay every month. To make it even easier to manage employee expense claims, we’ve added the ability for employees to submit expense claims via the employee portal. In our latest update, employees can now submit expense claims via… Read More

New detailed journal format

posted 9 months ago by Phil Bernie

KeyPay has always had the ability to export a journal file to CSV or excel file, however in recent times we’ve had some requests to export more details as part of that export. To cater for these users, we’ve now added a new “detailed” journal… Read More

Payroll tax report enhancements

posted 9 months ago by Phil Bernie

We’ve recently added some enhancements around the payroll tax report to make it easier to report gross earnings and super payments when you have salary sacrifice arrangements with your employees. The key changes are: Salary sacrifice super payments are reported separately on the gross wages… Read More

Updates to payment summaries

posted 9 months ago by Phil Bernie

This year has already seen some major enhancements to payment summaries including: Improved payment summary previews SBR lodgement These improvements have meant we’ve published over 100,000 payment summaries for the 2016 financial year. With that number of payment being generated and published, we discovered a… Read More

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