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Tax codes and multi-line item expense requests

posted 7 months ago by Phil Bernie

One of the most popular enhancements we’ve recently released has been the ability to add expense claims via the employee portal. Since expense claims launched, we got a lot of great feedback and we’re happy to announce that our latest release addresses the two most… Read More

Expiring qualifications can now be viewed on the dashboard

posted 7 months ago by Dimitra Karas

As you would all be aware, users can create and assign qualifications against an employee and specify whether such qualification has an expiry date or not. In addition to being able to generate a report on employee qualifications, expired qualifications are listed within the ‘Warnings’ tab… Read More

Get staff insights with the roster summary view

posted 7 months ago by Phil Bernie

Want to quickly see who’s working today? Need to know who’s rostered to work on Friday? Need to check you’ve got enough bar staff to cover the evening shift? Then you’re going to love the roster summary review in KeyPay. The roster summary view allows… Read More

Report pack emails can now be customised

posted 7 months ago by Dimitra Karas

Remember when we launched Report Packs? It was an amazing time to be alive! We have now taken it a step further by allowing you to configure the email that a recipient of a report pack receives. This adds a personal touch and gives you… Read More

Enhanced timesheet permissions for managers and employees

posted 7 months ago by Dimitra Karas

With more and more businesses using our timesheets functionality, we have realised the need of providing greater flexibility to users regarding the permissions available to them. Below is a list of changes we have made that will enable a more flexible approach to using timesheets: Manager… Read More

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