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Introducing shift conditions

posted 5 months ago by Garth Belic

Today, we released what may seem like a subtle feature to KeyPay, but one which will have a marked effect on how we approach interpreting shifts. Introducing shift conditions. Shift conditions can be used alongside a work type to identify any special characteristics of a… Read More

Unveiling the new business dashboard

posted 6 months ago by Paul Duran

As of today, we have made the revamped business dashboard generally available to all customers. The original business dashboard has served us well for several years. As KeyPay has grown though, we’ve refined the dashboard experience, providing more useful information and features at your fingertips…. Read More

Turbocharging timesheet approvals

posted 6 months ago by Phil Bernie

Approving timesheets can be a pretty tedious task, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of timesheets to approve it’s important you can approve them quickly and more importantly, accurately. To help ensure greater speed and accuracy when approving timesheets, we’ve made some great new… Read More

SuperStream compliance just got even easier with KeyPay

posted 6 months ago by Phil Bernie

Since KeyPay became a gold certified SuperStream product, we’ve helped thousands of businesses transition to becoming fully SuperStream compliant through our ClickSuper integration. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of small businesses that use KeyPay that aren’t SuperStream compliant. The ATO has also made it… Read More

Introducing WorkZone for iOS and Android Smart Phones

posted 6 months ago by Garth Belic

Employee Self Service was one of the very first features released in KeyPay to create a seamless connection between the employee and the payroll administrator. This is one of our most popular features of KeyPay to date. The world advances more and more to mobile… Read More

Rostering has been relaunched!

posted 6 months ago by Phil Bernie

Way back in 2014 we launched our first version of rostering. It probably would have been more accurate to call it a “beta” as the original version was designed to gauge feedback on a payroll product that had integrated rostering, timesheets and awards. The overwhelming… Read More

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