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Report pack emails can now be customised

posted 3 months ago by Dimitra Karas

Remember when we launched Report Packs? It was an amazing time to be alive! We have now taken it a step further by allowing you to configure the email that a recipient of a report pack receives. This adds a personal touch and gives you… Read More

Enhanced timesheet permissions for managers and employees

posted 3 months ago by Dimitra Karas

With more and more businesses using our timesheets functionality, we have realised the need of providing greater flexibility to users regarding the permissions available to them. Below is a list of changes we have made that will enable a more flexible approach to using timesheets: Manager… Read More

Improved pay run listing on the dashboard

posted 3 months ago by Paul Duran

The pay run listing on the dashboard has, up until now, been rather rudimentary, simply showing a list of the 5 most recent pay runs (with a link off to another page to ‘view all’). We’ve made some great updates to this pay run listing… Read More

Public holiday management just got a whole lot easier

posted 4 months ago by Paul Duran

One of the ‘problem areas’ in our system has historically been public holidays. Users have had to remember to go and configure their public holidays before things like leave estimates and award pay conditions would work. We provided an import function from Enrico however this… Read More

Shift Conditions now available through ClockMeIn and WorkZone

posted 5 months ago by Dimitra Karas

When we introduced shift conditions, we promised to extend this functionality to timesheets created via ClockMeIn and WorkZone. We’re happy to announce that shift conditions are now available through both these apps! When your staff clock on using ClockMeIn or create timesheets using WorkZone iOS* they will be… Read More

Employees can now enter their unavailability using WorkZone

posted 5 months ago by Dimitra Karas

When WorkZone was first launched, employees were able to only view their unavailabilities. We’re excited to announce that this is no longer the case! From this week, employees can also enter any unavailability using WorkZone. To access unavailability, go to your profile and tap “Unavailability” from… Read More

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