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Medicare Levy Exemptions now supported in KeyPay

posted 2 months ago by Dimitra Karas

Employees eligible for a Medicare levy exemption have previously had to wait till tax return time to recoup the extra tax paid throughout the financial year. This is no longer the case! You can now apply the Medicare Levy exemption or reduction setting against an… Read More

Introducing our latest Clock Me In features

posted 3 months ago by Dimitra Karas

Our users constantly rave about the benefits and simplicity of using Clock Me In. We love hearing this but at the same time also want to ensure we are constantly improving it’s features to ultimately streamline all processes involved in capturing time records. We are proud… Read More

Download multiple employee pay slips

posted 4 months ago by Phil Bernie

Today we’ve launched a handy little feature that allows pay run administrators to download all pay slips for an employee for a given date range. Simply open the employee file and go to their “pay slips” section and you’ll see a new section for downloading multiple… Read More

Pay run inclusion improvements

posted 4 months ago by Phil Bernie

Pay run inclusions is a powerful feature of KeyPay that allows you to automatically include additional transactions in an employee’s pay so you don’t have to manually add them each week. In our latest release, we’ve added some great new methods for calculating the pay run… Read More

End of Financial Year 2016/17 Resources

posted 4 months ago by Garth Belic

It is amazing how far technology has come to make the End of Financial Year process more efficient for businesses and their advisers. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was lining up at the ATO office to get the latest payment summary stationery,… Read More

ABA File Enhancements

posted 4 months ago by Phil Bernie

We’ve recently added a couple of handy changes to ABA files in KeyPay which make it easier for you and your employees to identify payroll payments. Dynamic lodgement references We’ve always had the ability to specify the lodgement reference in you ABA files, but this… Read More

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