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Working holiday maker PAYG changes from 1st January 2017

posted 4 months ago by Paul Duran

The ATO has passed legislation that , from 1st January 2017, Working Holiday Makers are now entitled to a 15% tax rate for earnings up to $37,000 per year. Please note that the business is also required to register once with the ATO as an… Read More

Employees can now enter their timesheets using WorkZone for Android

posted 4 months ago by Phil Bernie

WorkZone for Android launched nearly 2 months ago and has had a lot of great feedback. One of the features that didn’t launch with WorkZone for Android was timesheets and, unsurprisingly, this has been the number one most requested feature since launch. Our mobile team… Read More

Rostering enhancements

posted 5 months ago by Paul Duran

Hot off the heels of our rostering re-launch, we have delivered some additional updates to our rostering product. Major Changes The main update is a new feature to allow you to rapidly duplicate shifts by simply holding the ctrl or shift key and dragging a… Read More

New feature: Report Packs

posted 5 months ago by Paul Duran

We’re delighted to announce the general availability of our new Report Packs feature today. The report packs feature enables you to define a set of reports with appropriate options pre-configured (such as location / pay schedule / pay category etc) and a time period in… Read More

Expenses are now a part of pre-built award packages

posted 5 months ago by Garth Belic

One of the things I get the most enthusiastic about with KeyPay is how easy it is to comply with a Modern Award. Lets say we decide to follow a lifelong dream and buy a new cafe on Main Street. I really love the idea of the… Read More

Extending the functionality of pay condition rule sets

posted 5 months ago by Garth Belic

Pay condition rule sets are one of KeyPay’s most powerful features. You can turn even the most complicated award or employment agreement into a machine that interprets even the humblest of timesheets into a costed shift in the pay run. The interpreted timesheet is compliant and consistent every… Read More

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