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manager notifications

Set and never forget with manager notifications

posted 4 weeks ago by Phil Bernie

What are manager notifications?  Manager notifications are a quick and easy way to be notified and reminded of timesheets, leave and expenses waiting for your approval Why do I want to use manager notifications? To avoid conversations like this: Employee: “My laptop charger died, I need a… Read More

How to: Avoid Manually Adjusting Deductions

posted 1 month ago by Dimitra Karas

Since first introducing Pay Run Inclusions we have continued to make further improvements to ensure an ongoing seamless process. Our latest gem of an enhancement specifically relates to recurring deductions. When setting up an employee recurring deduction, you can now prescribe a minimum net earnings amount that… Read More

KeyPay is having a makeover

posted 1 month ago by Dimitra Karas

It’s makeover time again! Since the successful upgrade of the employee portal, we have focused on updating the look and feel of our whole payroll platform. Why are we updating the payroll platform? Everyone wants to update their look now and then right? KeyPay’s payroll platform… Read More

Mobile WorkZone App

WorkZone: KeyPay’s Employee Mobile App

posted 2 months ago by Sarah Yancey

As a payroll manager, it can be distracting receiving multiple enquiries from employees …asking ‘What is my leave balance?’, ‘Can I have a copy of a payslip?’, or ‘I moved house, can you update my details?’ … Imagine a world where employees could manage this… Read More

Employees can now accept rostered shifts

posted 2 months ago by Dimitra Karas

When it comes to shift acknowledgement, we previously only had the option of allowing employees to decline shifts. We have now added more options so that employees can be given the choice of: (a) accepting shifts they can work (b) accepting shifts they can work and… Read More

Streamline your rostering exceptions by using Roster Templates

posted 2 months ago by Dimitra Karas

Due to the nature of certain industries, not all businesses use the same roster from week to week. Situations such as peak periods, downtimes, seasonality, client projects and specific events throw out a “standard” roster. Some businesses may also have a rotating 3 weekly or… Read More

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