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KeyPay integration with QuickBooks Online

Late last year we launched our biggest integration to date with QuickBooks Online. What is different about our integration with QBO is that we worked really closely with the QuickBooks Online team to build a tight, seamless integration. The result … Continue reading

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KeyPay Advanced Webinar–Awards

One of the newer initiatives we’ve undertaken at KeyPay is the introduction of regular webinars. Our most recent advanced webinar took a look at the pay conditions engine within KeyPay and went through the process of setting up pay condition … Continue reading

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Assigning Qualifications to Shifts

After the successful release of employee scheduling, we’ve been working hard on the next set of scheduling features. With our latest release, you can now assign qualifications to shifts that employees are assigned to. This is great for situations where … Continue reading

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Employee Qualifications in KeyPay

KeyPay now has the ability to create qualifications for a business and assign those qualifications to an employee. Not only can you assign qualifications to employees, but you can upload images / evidence of the qualifications as well as assign … Continue reading

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Handling failed ClickSuper Payments

KeyPay has had the ability to process super payments via the ClickSuper clearing house facility, however if a payment failed, it wasn’t always straight forward to manage those payments within KeyPay. This has now changed with the recently released enhancements … Continue reading

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