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KeyPay now supports Employment Termination Payments

An employment termination payment (ETP) is a lump sum payment you make to an employee when they stop working for you. ETPs are taxed at different rates depending on your employee’s age and length of employment. We’re excited to announce … Continue reading

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Seasons Greetings! New Award available: Cleaning Services Award 2010 [MA000022]

Sneaking in some last changes before Christmas, we’ve now added the Cleaning Services Award 2010 to our library of pre-built award packages. This award covers employees in the contract cleaning services industry. To import this Award into your business: Go … Continue reading

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Disabling rules in pay condition rule sets

For customers using our pre-built Award packages or even their own EBA’s/custom rule sets, it may be necessary to disable certain rules if they are not applicable. For example, in the General Retail Industry Award, the Laundry Allowance may not … Continue reading

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Timesheets just received a makeover

Timesheets are one of the most common ways that users interact with our system. It is a very common requirement in workplaces today for employees (or managers) to fill in timesheets. It is also often with a groan of resignation … Continue reading

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New Award available: Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2010 [MA000058]

We’re happy to announce today that we’ve now added the Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2010 [MA000058] to our library of pre-built Award packages. With over 6500 licensed clubs in Australia, this represents a sizeable proportion of the work force … Continue reading

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