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Expenses are now a part of pre-built award packages

One of the things I get the most enthusiastic about with KeyPay is how easy it is to comply with a Modern Award. Lets say we decide to follow a lifelong dream and buy a new cafe on Main Street. I really … Continue reading

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Extending the functionality of pay condition rule sets

Pay condition rule sets are one of KeyPay’s most powerful features. You can turn even the most complicated award or employment agreement into a machine that interprets even the humblest of timesheets into a costed shift in the pay run. The … Continue reading

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Introducing shift conditions

Today, we released what may seem like a subtle feature to KeyPay, but one which will have a marked effect on how we approach interpreting shifts. Introducing shift conditions. Shift conditions can be used alongside a work type to identify … Continue reading

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Unveiling the new business dashboard

As of today, we have made the revamped business dashboard generally available to all customers. The original business dashboard has served us well for several years. As KeyPay has grown though, we’ve refined the dashboard experience, providing more useful information … Continue reading

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Turbocharging timesheet approvals

Approving timesheets can be a pretty tedious task, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of timesheets to approve it’s important you can approve them quickly and more importantly, accurately. To help ensure greater speed and accuracy when approving timesheets, … Continue reading

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