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Why use KeyPay instead of Xero? It’s all about your needs

A question I often get asked by Xero users is: “Why would I use KeyPay over Xero payroll? What does KeyPay have that Xero payroll doesn’t? And my answer is always the same:”What do you need that Xero payroll doesn’t … Continue reading

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Using Locations for Job Costing in KeyPay

A common support request we get is whether we can do employee job costing in KeyPay and the answer is “Yes”. To be clear, we don’t have the ability within KeyPay to assign billable rates to employee hours and generate … Continue reading

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Introduction to QuickBooks with KeyPay webinar–July 21

This is a recording from our standard Introduction to QuickBooks with KeyPay webinar form the 21st of July 2014. This webinar covers off the basics of- Turning on the integration- Setting up your business – Adding an employee- Processing a … Continue reading

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Pay Conditions Webinar

One of the most powerful features in KeyPay is the pay conditions engine that allows complex pay rules to be applied to employee timesheets. The KeyPay pay conditions engine allows you to automatically apply complex rules to your employee timesheets … Continue reading

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KeyPay 2014 EOFY Webinar – 26/06/2014

This is the second EOFY webinar that we’ve run which covers: Getting your employee details ready for EOFY Getting your business file ready for EOFY Setting up payruns for EOFY Generating and publishing payment summaries Generating the EMPDUPE file Updated … Continue reading

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