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Employees can now enter their unavailability using WorkZone for iOS

When WorkZone was first launched, employees were able to only view their unavailabilities. We’re excited to announce that this is no longer the case! From this week, employees can also enter any unavailability using WorkZone. To access unavailability, go to your … Continue reading

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Retiring the “weeks per year” and “days per year” leave accrual methods

In our latest KeyPay update, we’ve removed the “weeks per year” and “days per year” leave accrual methods. We did this for a couple of reasons: in 2015 we introduced the “hours per hour worked” leave accrual method and since … Continue reading

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Managing employee unavailabilities

Since the initial version of rostering, employees have been able to enter their unavailability via the employee portal. This was great for employees, but there was no capacity for managers to add or modify these unavailability dates on behalf of … Continue reading

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Introducing Pay Run Inclusions

One of KeyPay’s new year’s resolutions every year has been to always ensure we provide our clients with a seamless and streamlined user experience and so are constantly looking at ways to simplify administrative payroll processes. So, without further ado, we’d … Continue reading

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Working holiday maker PAYG changes from 1st January 2017

The ATO has passed legislation that , from 1st January 2017, Working Holiday Makers are now entitled to a 15% tax rate for earnings up to $37,000 per year. Please note that the business is also required to register once … Continue reading

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