KeyPay News and Updates

Paying PAYG via ABA

The latest update to KeyPay allows you to transfer your PAYG amounts via your ABA file to another bank account. This makes it really easy to pay your PAYG payments direct to the ATO using the direct credit payment option … Continue reading

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Employee Wizard has been redesigned

Adding an employee into the system is one of the most common workflows for payroll users. Whilst our previous employee wizard has served us well, we felt that it could be streamlined and simplified. The previous wizard was 7 steps … Continue reading

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Set cut-off for unavailability entry in KeyPay

In addition to our new time based unavailability update, we’ve also released the ability to set a cut-off for unavailability entry. This means that you can now have the ability to specify how many days before an unavailability falls due … Continue reading

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Employees can now set unavailability for specific times

With the original release of rostering in KeyPay came the ability for employees to set their unavailability in the employee portal. Since that release, one of the most requested features we’ve had was to be able to set unavailability for … Continue reading

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KeyPay now supports Employment Termination Payments

An employment termination payment (ETP) is a lump sum payment you make to an employee when they stop working for you. ETPs are taxed at different rates depending on your employee’s age and length of employment. We’re excited to announce … Continue reading

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