Public holiday management just got a whole lot easier

One of the ‘problem areas’ in our system has historically been public holidays. Users have had to remember to go and configure their public holidays before things like leave estimates and award pay conditions would work. We provided an import function from Enrico however this was a manual step and it imported a bunch of regional public holidays that were not applicable state-wide.


From now on, it is no longer necessary to set up your public holidays manually (although you can definitely customise them if you need to). KeyPay will provide an up to date set of public holidays in each business, automatically.




All public holidays that have been automatically created by our system will be denoted by the icon in the top right corner.


Specific public holidays can be customised and turned off, if necessary. To mark a date as ‘not a public holiday’, simply un-tick all of the states and click Save.



The date will now show with a strike-through to indicate that it is no longer considered as a public holiday.

Pasted image at 2017_02_21 10_15 AM


Additionally, custom public holidays may still be created as has always been possible.


This automated public holiday management means that there is one less step involved when setting up a new business to use KeyPay, meaning that you will be up and running faster than ever.

Working holiday maker PAYG changes from 1st January 2017

The ATO has passed legislation that , from 1st January 2017, Working Holiday Makers are now entitled to a 15% tax rate for earnings up to $37,000 per year. Please note that the business is also required to register once with the ATO as an employer of working holiday makers before they are entitled to this new tax rate.

Tax File Declaration

KeyPay will be updated before 1st January to accommodate this legislation. To obtain the new tax rates, there will be a new option on the tax file declaration page:


This option is only enabled if the ‘Australian resident for tax purpose’ option is unticked.

Please note that The ATO does not require the submission of a new tax file declaration for this change.

New Tax Rates

Once the declaration is saved, the employee will receive the new PAYG rates for any pay runs with a date paid on-or-after 1st January 2017. For pay runs with a date paid before 1/1/2017, the tax will be calculated according to the standard non-resident tax tables. This means that you can set up the employees prior to 1/1/2017 and the appropriate tax rules will be applied based on the date paid.

Payment Summaries

The ATO legislation has specified that for working holiday makers that were employed prior to 1st January 2017, 2 payment summaries will be required at the end of financial year – one for work up to 1st January 2017 and one for work after that date.

Please note that the necessary payment summary changes will NOT be available for 1st January but it will be available early in the new year.

Further Reading

To find out more about these changes, please refer to the following ATO article:

Rostering enhancements

Hot off the heels of our rostering re-launch, we have delivered some additional updates to our rostering product.

Major Changes

The main update is a new feature to allow you to rapidly duplicate shifts by simply holding the ctrl or shift key and dragging a shift to another employee or day.



Minor Changes

  • Opening a context panel while another is already loaded causes some panels to load their data twice
  • Unable to create shifts after a failed drag due to overlapping shifts.
  • Shift costs were sometimes displaying even if the ‘show costs’ option was unticked.
  • Use bootstrap dialog for all confirmations
  • Show an error when moving/copying a shift with higher classifications to an employee without

New feature: Report Packs

We’re delighted to announce the general availability of our new Report Packs feature today.


Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 17.15.42

The report packs feature enables you to define a set of reports with appropriate options pre-configured (such as location / pay schedule / pay category etc) and a time period in which to run them.


The report pack can either be generated on an ‘ad hoc’ basis or they may be scheduled to automatically run weekly/fortnightly/monthly and be emailed (with a zip file containing all of the reports) to any recipient that you prefer.




For businesses that regularly run the same set of reports, this is a huge time saver. A few examples of how report  packs might be used:


  • When you would normally go into a report and adjust the same settings each time (for example, the Location and/or Pay Schedule). You can now define these settings in your report pack and download the reports with a single click.
  • When you produce a particular set of reports after each pay run (for example, the Audit report, the Detailed activity report and the Super Contributions report). Simply set up the report pack and download it once the pay run is finalised or schedule it to be emailed out.
  • Producing monthly liability reports, for example the leave balances and leave liability report.
  • If you run payroll on behalf of a business and need to distribute reports to them once you have completed the pay runs. Using the report packs feature, the business owner does not need any access to the payroll system – they can simply receive the report packs via email.

To get started with report packs, go to the Reports section of your dashboard and then to Report Packs.


For more information on the report packs feature, please refer to our knowledge base article

Unveiling the new business dashboard

As of today, we have made the revamped business dashboard generally available to all customers. The original business dashboard has served us well for several years. As KeyPay has grown though, we’ve refined the dashboard experience, providing more useful information and features at your fingertips.

Let's take a look

The new dashboard looks like the screenshot below. At the top, you’ll see a year to date summary of the payroll costs for this business along with any action items.


There are a set of tabs across the middle of the page. The first tab is the employees tab. From here, you can quickly find an employee, add/import employees or manage your employees.



The next tab is the Pay Runs tab. This will show you the most recent pay runs and allow you to view all pay runs.


The Approved Leave tab shows all unavailability / approved leave for the current month. You can switch months by clicking the arrow buttons.



Following on from Approved Leave is the Reports tab. Every report is available to be launched from this section.



The next tab is the Payroll Settings tab. From here, you can quickly navigate to the settings section that you need.



Employee satisfaction data

The main element that is no longer included on the dashboard is the employee satisfaction section. This data is easily available by clicking on Reports and then Employee Satisfaction Report.


Wrapping up

With more information and functionality at your fingertips than before, the new business dashboard will allow you to work much more efficiently. We think it’s a big step up from the previous version.

Enhanced Shift Costing now available

KeyPay’s state of the art pay condition rules engine has been available for some time now. Our rules engine has allowed us to compile a large list of pre-built modern awards.  In a lot of cases though, wages are not the only factor when determining the true “cost” of a shift. With the release of employer liabilities this year, we had the ability to associate other costs to an employee in a pay run. Today’s release enables employer liabilities to be attached to shifts via pay conditions. This opens the door to enhanced shift costing in a way that was not possible before. For example, liability amounts can vary on location, work type and any of our other pay conditions.

Set up Liability Category

When setting up a liability category now, there is an option to “Include in shift cost calculations”


Selecting this option will mean that the liability amount will be considered when calculating the cost of a shift. This is not mandatory – it’s perfectly fine to include liabilities that are not considered part of the cost of a shift.

Set up Pay Conditions

The next step is to set up our pay conditions. In this example, we are adding a $1.73/hr liability for workers comp when the employee works on-site.


NOTE: These rules can be added as custom rules to a pre-built modern award if necessary.

Shift Costing

Now, when we schedule an employee to a shift, the liability will be represented in the shift cost. Hovering over the shift will include the cost details:


Similarly when viewing timesheet costs:


Pay Run

Of course, the liabilities will also flow through to the pay run when the timesheets are paid:


Wrapping up

Adding the ability to associate liabilities with shifts/timesheets provides a lot of flexibility around shift costing whilst also providing an automated, reproducible method for compliant liability calculations.

New Award: Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award 2010 [MA000073]

Today, we’re happy to announce the addition of the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award 2010 [MA000073] to our pre-built award catalogue.

This award is used by over 100,000 employees across Australia and so providing compliant, automated award interpretation is a real bonus to businesses out there that pay their staff according to this award.

To import this Award into your business:

  • Go into Payroll Settings
  • click on ‘Manage Awards’
  • locate the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing award in the list under ‘Available Awards’ and click ‘Install’

For further information about the pre-built Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award 2010 [MA000073], please refer to our support article.

New Award: Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award 2010 [MA000025]

We’re pleased to announce the addition of the Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award 2010 [MA000025] to our pre-built award catalogue.

This is the most complicated award that KeyPay has implemented so far. See below for the interpretation of a typical shift.


It would be very challenging for a typical business to accurately pay according to the award and, in fact, many businesses bypass this by paying above the award rate to avoid dealing with the complications of the award. Using our pre-built award, you can pay accurately according to the award specifications without having to overpay your staff.

To import this Award into your business:

  • Go into Payroll Settings
  • click on ‘Manage Awards’
  • locate the Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting award in the list under ‘Available Awards’ and click ‘Install’

For further information about the pre-built Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award 2010 [MA000025], please refer to our support article.

Announcing ClockMeIn: Time and Attendance app

Last year, KeyPay dipped it’s feet into the Time and Attendance domain with the introduction of our web-based Kiosk. There are hundreds of businesses currently using our web based kiosk in their businesses, allowing employees to clock on and off with ease. One core feature was missing from our web-based Kiosk and that was the ability to capture a photograph of the staff member that was clocking in/out.

In order to address this shortcoming, we have developed a brand new iPad app called ClockMeIn.

ClockMeIn can be installed from the App Store. Once installed, click the ‘Log In’ button and enter your KeyPay email/password.


Select a Kiosk that you have created in KeyPay or create a Kiosk within the app:


Once the Kiosk has been set up, employees can clock in/out either by selecting their name from the staff list on the left or by entering their employee ID


Once the employee’s PIN has been entered, they simply need to smile for the camera and then clock on!


Once the employee has clocked off, the shift is now complete and a timesheet will be produced. This timesheet can then be approved like any other timesheet

2015-10-04 00_15_54-KeyPay - Payroll Warehouse

This is just the beginning – we have plenty of great new features planned for ClockMeIn over the coming months so stay tuned.

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear your feedback so either leave a message in the comments section or drop us a line at


New award added: Clerks Private Sector [MA000002]

The Clerks Private Sector [MA000002] award has been added to KeyPay’s pre-built award catalogue.

To import this Award into your business:

  • Go into Payroll Settings
  • click on ‘Manage Awards’
  • locate the Clerks Private Sector award in the list under ‘Available Awards’ and click ‘Install’

For further details on the Clerks Private Sector award, please refer to our knowledge base article.